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New season garlic

From $1.00

Rich flavour to add to all your cooking. 

Pak Choy


Chinese vegetable has soft green leaves, a crunchy pale stem and a mild flavour.   



Flat-leaf parsley has a robust, strong, assertively "green" flavour. It is rich in bone-strengthening vitamin K.

Parsley - Seedling

From $5.00

 Flat, deeply cut, green leaves that offer more flavor than that of the curled variety              

Pumpkin Butternut - Seedling


Fruit have an oblong bell like shape. Slightly sweeter and nuttier flavour compared to other pumpkins and has an average size of around 2 kg.          

Pumpkin Jap - Seedling


Nutty orange flesh with fruit weighing up to 4kg            



Radishes are a crunchy and peppery addition to a salad, or also enjoyed salted on its own. They are a power source of potassium and vitamin C

Radish Cherry Belle - Seedling


These fast growing round red radishes have a crispy white flesh and an excellent flavour, with slightly less bite than most radishes                                

Radish Watermelon - Seedling


A half red, half white globe shaped radish that is quick growing and suitable for both early and late season planting                              

Rainbow Chard - Seedling


Silverbeet with colourful stems that can be cooked or used in salads                

Red Mizuna - Seedling


The deep red leaves have a very mild mustard flavour and add a striking colour for salad mixes.      

Red Onion - Seedling


Red onions add colour to salads, sandwiches and soups            

RESERVED for Sascha Yeomans - 4 week Vegetable Box Subscription


Seasonal vegetables picked fresh from our farm. This is a 4 week subscription, for pick up from our Farm Gate after 10am on Wednesdays. Your box will have an average value of $30 each week over the 6 weeks. Items will...

Rhubarb Glaskins Perpetual - Seedling


A fast growing  variety with long slender bright red stalks. It can handle a light harvest in its first year  

Rocket (Wild) - Seedling


Open pollinated perennial wild rocket. It has finer leaves than normal rocket and the leaves are more finely cut and have a sharper taste                          

Rocket - Arugula


Arugula, also known as salad rocket, is a peppery green leafy vegetable. Its succulent dark-green leaves are an excellent source of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

Rocket - Seedling


Also known as Arugula, rocket has a peppery, pungent and bitter flavour                          

Rockmelon Amish - Seedling


An Amish heritage melon that is super sweet and has a deep rich orange colour. The smaller size can suit colder climates as it takes less time to ripen           

Rockmelon Hales Best - Seedling


Fast growing vine producing large fruit, up to 1kg with tropical yellow-pink flesh  

Salad Greens - Mizuna


Also called "spider mustard", these leaves have a hint of spice that can either be used raw in salads or cooked. It can be used as a topping for pasta dishes, soups, stews and pizzas.As with many greens, it is high in...

Salad mix

From $5.50

A mix of fresh seasonal salad leaves

Seedlings - Pick and mix punnets

From $4.50

Pick your own punnet of 8 seedlings from our range of seasonally available seedlings.  In season seedlings (subject to availability): - Tomato (Black Krim, Cherry, Roma, Red Apple, Smooth Pink) - Onion (Creamgold, Red Brunswick, Parma Yellow) - Leek Carentan...

Silverbeet - Rainbow Chard


Silverbeet with colourful stems that can be cooked or used in salads.

Snow Peas - 150g


Crispy, juicy and sweet snow peas. A fantastic lunchbox treat, crunchy addition to a salad or burst of flavour in a stir fry - if they make it home! 

Sorrel Red Veined - Seedling


Bright-green leaves with contrasting dark maroon stems and veins add color and taste to salad mix. Same sharp, tangy flavor as regular sorrel        

Spaghetti Squash - Seedling


This squash can be boiled or roasted and the flesh scooped out into ready made pasta, without the extra carbs          



Large, dark green spinach leaves from a perpetual spinach with the flavour of silverbeet/english spinach

Spinach - Seedling


Can be harvested for both baby and full size leaves. Attractive dark-green, round leaves.    

Spring Onion - Seedling


Spring onions have dark green hollow-tubed leaves and a white bulb            

Spring Onions


Also know as shallots, spring onions have a milder flavour than onions. They are often used in Asian cuisine and the green tops can also be used like chives in a salad or as a garnish 

Sunflower Giant Russian - Seedling


This sunflower grows to 2-3m and has large yellow flowers, with smaller side flowers. Keep the heads once seeds are formed for extra food for the chickens.      

Sweet basil - approx 50g


Basil is a a herb that is rich in anti-oxidants. With a rich and aromatic flavour, it can be used for pesto, salads, stir frys and a garnish. Pair basil with tomatoes for a scrumptious summer combination.   

Tomato Aunt Gerties Gold - Seedling

From $5.00

Fruits ribbed and a beefsteak type, weighing  about 500g with a rich golden yellow colour. A sweet fragrant flavour with notes of melon.              

Tomato Beefsteak - Seedling

From $5.00

An heirloom tomato of Italian origin. A meaty tomato with fruit up to 800g. Indeterminate climbing vine that will require staking            

Tomato Black Cherry - Seedling

From $5.00

Huge clusters of dusky coloured cherry tomatoes that look like purple coloured grapes. These little black tomatoes are filled with a rich, smoky flavour       

Tomato Black Krim - Seedling

From $5.00

A rich flavoured medium sized tomato. Perfect sliced on toast or in salads Indeterminate climbing vine that will require staking        

Tomato Black Truffle - Seedling

From $5.00

A medium sized deep burgundy coloured tomato with darker shoulders gives that tends not to crack. It has a deep, rich, complex flavour and is best harvested when the shoulders still have a greenish tinge.        

Tomato Cherry - Seedling

From $5.00

An heirloom tomato of Italian origin. A meaty tomato with fruit up to 800g. Indeterminate climbing vine that will require staking            

Tomato Eva Purple Ball - Seedling

From $5.00

This medium-sized tomato is from the Black Forest in Germany. It combines a rich flavour with beautiful red color and blemish-free skin            

Tomato Mayan Indian - Seedling

From $5.00

A heavy yielder of deep-red plum shaped tomatoes. The fruit stay quite firm when fully ripe. Good for processing or eating fresh.        

Tomato Orange Banana - Seedling

From $5.00

Medium plum shaped apricot orange tomato. Plants produce prolific bunches of tomatoes with a unique sweetness that is unlocked when they are cooked        

Tomato Pink - Seedling

From $5.00

An heirloom tomato of Italian origin. Pink fleshed, meaty fruit with a mild flavour. Indeterminate climbing vine that will require staking          

Tomato Red Apple - Seedling

From $5.00

An heirloom tomato of Italian origin. Firm fleshed and good keeper. Indeterminate climbing vine that will require staking          

Tomato Roma - Seedling

From $5.00

A firm plum shaped tomato for canning or tomato paste Indeterminate climbing vine that will require staking          

Tomato Stupice - Seedling

From $5.00

Good variety for cold climates. Early maturing and very productive. Medium round red fruit with rich flavour. This tomato comes from Czechoslovakia          

Vegetable Boxes

From $25.00

Seasonal vegetables picked fresh from our farm.  The Bio-Dynamic farming techniques used on the farm enhance the quality of the soil, which ensures great tasting vegetables. Items subject to change depending on availability. We will change items with others of...



Sweet, crisp watermelon (sold as whole watermelons, unable to cut due)

Watermelon Small Shining Light - Seedling


Sweet red flesh, very dark green skin, round fruit to 30cm, early maturing and well suited to cooler areas. Stores well once picked        

Watermelon Sugarbaby - Seedling


An open pollinated, early season watermelon with fruit up to 4kg    

Weekly Box Subscription - deposit


JOIN OUR WAITLIST: This is a subscription or 'share' of the produce from the farm. Your deposit covers the first box, and when it's your turn to start and you will be sent an invoice for the remaining weeks of...

Zucchini - approx 750g


Delicious dark green cylindrical fruit with tender cream/white flesh.  Approx 750g

Zucchini Black Beauty - Seedling

From $5.00

A prolific, early-bearing heirloom zucchini                                  

Zucchini Golden - Seedling


Smooth, yellow-skinned fruits with firm, white flesh. Flavour similar but more nutty than green-skinned varieties                                    

Zucchini Gray - Seedling


A zucchini with gray mottled skin and firm, mild flesh that is tasty, crisp, and tender                

Zucchini Rondo - Seedling


Small round, medium green mottled yellow, exceptional flavour, prolific bearing.      



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