Frequently Asked Questions 


Weekly or Fortnightly?

There will be 10-14 items each week in the box. A weekly pick up will be suited to a family or couple who eats seasonally and has vegetables every night. A fortnightly share is suited to someone on their own, or a couple or family that plans to buy most of their veggies elsewhere. 

How do I pick up my box?

We plan to a market style in the peak summer season pick up once (or maybe twice) a week, where you are able to come to the farm, meet your farmer and pick up your vegetables. You'll have the opportunity to find out more about what is happening on the farm, get some recipe ideas and also access a swap box.

Outside of Summer and if you are unable to come at the designated time please let us know when you start your subscription, and we will pack your vegetable box into the fridge for you to pick up between 8am and 6pm from the farm gate. 

I grow my own and don't need some items OR I don't like....

We're ex-home gardeners and have had a glut of tomatoes and zucchinis before ourselves (and also a few other less endearing vegetables). So we would suggest that you come to the designated pick up time in the peak summer season to access a swap box. 


What can I expect in my box?

Your vegetable box will vary from week to week according to the seasonal availability of produce. Eating seasonally means that you will get your fresh, Biodynamic produce grown at the time of year that nature intended, when it has its maximum nutritional value. Eating seasonally also means that you might be consulting a cookbook, asking friends or your farmer about recipe ideas, and setting yourself the occasional vegetable themed challenge. You might also learn to ferment, dehydrate or preserve your produce for the months where you might get cravings for another season. 

Each week, we will have certain staples such as salad mix, rainbow chard, and root vegetables such as carrots or beetroot. Then according to the season, you will also see some of the following vegetables depending on what we have available that year:

Summer: tomato, basil, zucchini, cucumber

Autumn: eggplant, capsicum, beans, melons

Winter: cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower

Spring: asian greens, spring onions, peas, kohlrabi





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