Vegetable Box Subscriptions (Community Supported Agriculture)  

We have Vegetable Box Subscriptions available for our farm. Each box will have range of seasonal Biodynamic vegetables, grown at the farm and harvested fresh for you to pick up.Prepayment is by the month or by payment plan.  

1. Go to our online store for details on how to add your name to  the list of growing members. You can choose a weekly or fortnightly box. A weekly box will suit a family or a couple who loves vegetables, a fortnightly box is suited to someone on their own.

2. When we have a spot available, you will be contacted to commence your subscription.

3. Subscriptions will automatically roll over until you advise us that you wish to stop. 


What is Community Supported Agriculture?             

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a farm share program that creates a direct connection between the farmer and the consumer. Members commit to purchasing on a regular basis and then receive a share of the produce for that season. 

Consumers make a commitment to support the local farm, eat seasonally and share the bounty as well as the risk of the harvest with the farmer. Each week, they will receive fresh, Biodynamic produce that is full of flavour. Depending on the week, there may be bounty and surplus, or on the other hand there may be a slightly hungrier week. The variation depends on weather conditions, crop failure or success. 

This program helps the farmer to remain financially viable and to manage crops in a way that regenerates the soil, builds fertility and leaves the farm in better condition. Paying a fair price for food means that farming decisions can be made to ensure environmentally sustainable practices, and use of Enhanced Organic methods to build healthy soil that will in turn create healthy plants and healthy people. Without this financial security, many farmers are forced to 'cut corners' and compromise on these important values in order to stay a viable business.  



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