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Certified Organic Compost

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Compost from Elmore Organics. A certified organic rich soil fertiliser from pig and chicken manure, hay, straw and recycled green waste.  

Lettuce Knox Exam - Seedling


Specialty lettuce - crisp green lettuce with many uniform small leaves, perfect for salad mixes                        

Lettuce Stefano - Seedling


Specialty lettuce - narrow red oak style with a biclour leaf                      

Rainbow Chard - Seedling


Silverbeet with colourful stems that can be cooked or used in salads                

Spinach - Seedling


Can be harvested for both baby and full size leaves. Attractive dark-green, round leaves.    

Leek - Seedling


Leeks have white stems with pale green upright leaves. They are affected by heavy frosts.      

Spring Onion - Seedling


Spring onions have dark green hollow-tubed leaves and a white bulb            

Red Onion - Seedling


Red onions add colour to salads, sandwiches and soups            

Brown Onion - Seedling


Brown onions add flavour and richness to any meal. Plant out in clumps of 3-4            

Lettuce Seurat - Seedling


Specialty lettuce - triple red butterhead with many uniform, small leaves, perfect for salad mixes.                       



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