The Farm


Beechworth Natural Farm is owned by Patrick and Ada Mickan who are proud to provide the local community with fresh, healthy and delicious Bio-Dynamic produce that has not been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides. Bio-Dynamic farming is a holistic natural approach to farming that begins with building soil health and fertility. Food is produced as nature intended without force-feeding plants with synthetic fertilisers or chemicals.

Patrick and Ada have chosen to use the Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic Method after seeing results in seed germination and vitality in Canberra and plant expression in Mildura. Their personal values of caring for the environment and nurturing the earth align with Bio-Dynamic farming.  After all, healthy soil produces healthy food.

Patrick and Ada are passionate about caring for the environment and improving the condition of the soil. The farm has required extensive nurturing and rehabilitation to bring it back to health. There is ongoing work to build resilient ecological systems. Habitat for natural predators is deliberately included in the farm design so that the plants can benefit from the free biodiversity services that are provided by natural predators. Seed is saved from farm produce as it evolves and improves over time.

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