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Biodynamic / Organic Seed Garlic / Premium Garlic: Tasmanian Purple


Our Tasmanian Purple Seed Garlic / Premium Garlic is certified Demeter Biodynamic to the national Organic Standard. We save our own bulbs for seed every year, selecting the largest highest quality bulbs. Planting the biggest cloves increases yield. We get a lot of requests for seed garlic. So now we have a range of our premium quality seed garlic for sale. You can also eat our seed garlic. we recommend saving the biggest cloves to plant and eating the small ones. It is a high-quality product that is full of flavour and grown using the Demeter Biodynamic Method.  We grow our garlic the way nature intended structuring the soil with multi species cover crops and applying Biodynamic preparations to help build soil humus. We rotate our crops to promote soil health. Our current rotation is garlic followed by pumpkins, then a winter and a summer cover crop before the next garlic crop. Tasmanian Purple is a hard neck variety that we harvest in mid November and plant in mid April. It will store well till mid to late April and may start to shoot after that point if it gets to cold but don't worry there are plenty of simple ways to preserve garlic in your own home. Our garlic is hand planted and harvested and carefully cured and to ensure maximum freshness and flavour. The bulbs are then sorted and packed by hand, ensuring that each one is of the highest quality. As farmers we have a big responsibility to regenerate our land/soil so that future generations can continue to enjoy living on farms that are productive and promote biodiversity both above and below the ground. We never use synthetic pesticides or herbicides, ensuring that you can enjoy the full, rich flavour of the garlic without any harmful residues and know that you are playing your part in protecting...

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